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…A Little About Us

We Are Social Media Geeks That Love Playing With Web Traffic

Web traffic and engagement go hand in hand for companies seeking to dominate their local digital presence. Every business has a unique backstory and we apply this understanding to deliver a more personalized approach. We’re committed to revolutionizing your digital footprint with end-to-end social media management that not only connects but also converts.

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We only ask for 10% of your trust. The other 90% we will earn.

Between April 27 and May 29, 2023,

Our Facebook reach grew by 10.9K% to 64,799, and Instagram reach increased by 57K% to 53,692.

RTP's Edge: Your Success Secret

We are not just service providers – we are your partners in redefining your brand's online presence.

We’ve Tried Tons Of Strategies And We Know What Works

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In under 20 days, we reached 150,000+ people on Facebook and Instagram, generating pure organic traffic. Our strategies are time-tested and tailored for today’s trend cycles, ensuring your brand remains relevant. 

Make Your Social Media Goals Come Alive!

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Don't just take our word for it .

Our clients’ success stories speak volumes about what RTP Social Solution can do. At RTP Social Solution, we elevate your brand on social media with unique, effective strategies. It’s not just management; it’s creating a legacy of connection and advocacy. Join our satisfied clients and witness your digital transformation.

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Great Content Generator Tool
RTP Social Solution is a great content generator for small business owners like us to create and publish unique social media posts and content to improve the engagement of new visitors to our websites and well as social media pages. I can recommend it without any second thought as it's faster and easier to save my time. Thank you for creating this wonderful tool and helping us to take our business to the next step. All the very best!

Kppklive Magazine

This tool is completely mind blowing!
At first I thought it was overrated and I thought, there is no way that it can do all of it, but once I tried it, it became an integral part of my content creation strategy.

Chakib Madrid

Has many things to offer I use it to create social media content 10/10 would recommend

Manos An

Gregory has been accommodating and diligent. The team has ensured my onboarding surrounds my time frame and not in a way that makes me feel rushed to understand everything. I need this because I become busy and lose track, which causes me to fall behind. I appreciate that they support their LTD customers in this way.

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This product saved my business!
I was so overwhelmed with the clients after getting sick and this tool helped me catch up on weeks of work. When I first purchased the tool, I was a bit confused but after Gregory my account manager helped me, it was easy. One of the things I appreciate most about this company is how accessible they are to clients, any questions I've had they've been open to meeting and discussing. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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Jordan Elizabeth Gelber

Very interesting and useful tool. The support is always there and the answers are clear and direct.

73x73 4
Katerina Gounari

Insane Social Media Tool
I recently discovered RTP Social Genie and it has been a game-changer for my social media management. Creating a content calendar has never been easier with this software. It streamlines the process and saves me valuable time, it creates amazing engaging content and you never run out of ideas. The best part is that it's limitless it creates content for all your social media channels even LinkedIn Twitter and Youtube. RTP Social Genie is a must-have tool for anyone looking to elevate their social media strategy effortlessly.

73x73 5
Agnelo Fernandes

Incredible solution.
I totally love the Content Creation spreadsheet and how it's integrated with AI. It's one of the closest things to magic that I've seen lately. A total gem to run a business as solopreneur!

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Carlito Fluito

RTP social genie ROCKS!
This has been a great addition to my creative process! This is so user friendly and even comes with a YouTube video on how to set it up! I have been able to efficiently create and plan my social media content with this amazing tool. RTP social genie generates amazing ideas for my socials that are completely niche specific, genie does all the heavy lifting for me so I never run out of ideas! The scheduling feature of Genie has revolutionized my social media management. It enables me to efficiently plan my social media calendar well in advance, providing me with the flexibility to schedule posts weeks or even months ahead. This capability has significantly reduced my workload and eliminated the stress of manual posting. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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Chelsea Doan

RTP Genie its amazing tools
Genie RTP has revolutionized real-time programming with its innovative features and intuitive interface. The sleek and user-friendly UI allows for easy navigation and focused coding. Its standout feature of real-time execution provides immediate feedback, speeding up development and aiding in debugging. The platform excels in collaboration, offering seamless sharing and version control for efficient team projects. The extensive library of pre-built functions and modules saves time and allows for core logic focus. Genie RTP provides excellent support and comprehensive documentation, ensuring prompt assistance and easy access to answers.Overall, Genie RTP is an indispensable tool that enhances the coding experience and boosts productivity in real-time programming.

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رامي Najjar

RTP Social Solutions have been absolutely amazing! The ease at which I can operate this document and calendar with all of its wonderful amenities, this is the most user friendly excel spreadsheet document I have used in 20 years! The attached YOUTUBE Video tha comes with the RTP Excel Document is so well laid out that anyone can follow it and be successful!!! Great JOB GUYS! Thanks So Much! GCONETWORK!

73x73 10

I was pleased with how efficiently I was able to structure and engaging social media plan for my Music Business. The RTP social Genie spreadsheet allowed me to organize my efforts and gave me a good starting point that I further developed when I copy and pasted the content into my social planner. Keep up the great work guys, I'd love to see if you can develop this into a full blown scheduler and auto poster.

73x73 10
John B

Next-Gen Services at Your Fingertips

Our tailored strategies for small to medium-sized businesses and startups are designed to set them apart and take them to the top of their niche.


$ 599 /Month
  • Elevate your small business with our social media management subscription
  • 4 Blogs
  • 32 Static/Video Posts
  • Active customer engagement


$ 1199 /Month
  • Perfect for small businesses, our RTP Social Solution - Ready elevates from the starter package with double the content
  • 64 Posts
  • 200 User Engagements Monthly


$ 1499 /Month
  • Boost your small business a top-tier package
  • 12 Blogs
  • 96 Posts
  • 300 user engagements monthly

Looking for more?

 We’ve pinned down more services you can take advantage of for exceptional results.

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ClientPivot Series

Elevate your small business by turning customers into influencers. Handling 0- 1,500 consumer submissions, we offer tailored marketing, creative support, and proactive review collection, perfect for small businesses seeking to amplify their brand through authentic engagement.
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SocialSavvy Ads

Strategic, data-driven advertising campaigns across multiple platforms. Includes creative content development, targeted audience reach, and dedicated account management. Benefit from continuous performance tracking, optimization for increased engagement and conversions, and measurable results.
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Social Genie

Transform your social media with RTP Social Genie: Get free access to AI-powered content generation in 150+ languages, easy profile setup, and streamlined post creation for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Ideal for time-efficient, engaging online branding.
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Discover social media management that goes beyond basic analytics. At RTP Social Solution, we deliver a seamless blend of creativity and data-driven strategy, ensuring your brand’s story captivates and converts